Polish meats

10 of the Best Polish Foods

Since ancient times roasted, stewed or fried meat is by far the dominant component in Polish cuisine and Polish food traditions.

Most people cannot imagine a breakfast without even a slice of fragrant and juicy ham, and the fame of Polish sausage has reached many countries in the entire world. The food was consumed more or less depending on the financial status. Basic traditional methods of production of Polish hams and sausages were based on drying: hanging under the roof until mature, and then smoked in the natural smoke. For example in Podlasie region Podlachia and north-eastern borderlands, traditional 'kindziuk' was made this way.

Kindziuk is a very aromatic, dry, but fleshy sausage with an addition of pepper and garlic. Kindziuk is also a traditional food in Lithuania. In the past meat stuffing of all Polish sausages was always put in a natural casing like intestines or stomach membranes, and of course nobody used any chemicals.

A lot of spices and herbs did the work perfectly. Industrial monosodium glutamate would be an offence. Up to this day one of Polish food specialties, which is produced exclusively according to traditional Polish recipes is a raw sausage.

It is preserved with salt only, then smoked and dried. However, when you visit Poland and want to try some traditional and natural coldcut of sausage direct your steps towards small groceries rather than markets under Tesco, Auchan or Carrefour signs.

There are also traditional food fairs organized regularly in all Polish cities, when you can buy natural products which are trustworthy models of Polish taste. The prices are higher than in supermarkets of course, but the quality is worth it.

Nowadays three basic processes in the production of meats and sausages are: salting, curing and smoking. Curing is a very important and necessary one because, after salting the meat takes on a gray color. Curing is a method to prevent it, and for years it's made by treating meat with salt, saltpeter, nitrite, sugar and polyphosphates, all in an aqueous solution called brine.

There's also a method based on so-called 'dry curing mixture', nevertheless in both cases meat recovers its pink-red color and additionally becomes more long-lasting. Pork and beef meat are the most popular meat types usually subjected to curing.

The process affects ennobling their taste.

polish meats

Smoking is the final step in the production of sausages, and traditionally it occurs in a curing chamber filled with a smoke of a hardwood. Smoking is in fact saturation of meat with ingredients of a wood smoke. Due to high temperature substantial amount of water is removed from meat. Smoked meat changes its color, taste and smell.

A crust is formed on the surface and this dry cover prolongs inner meat juiciness.

Polish Sausages

During the process meat protein structure is changed in a way similar to cooking. In consequence smoked and dried meat is suitable for consumption without any further processing. There's a lot of companies in Poland, which produce tasty and usually healthy hams and sausages, both according to traditional recipes and methods, as well as new ones.Kabanosy kah-bah-NOH-sih is the generic term for any thin stick sausages. They are usually made of pork, salt, pepper, garlic, allspice, and sometimes caraway or crushed pepper for a spicy note kabanosy pikantne.

They are also made with chicken kabanosy z kury or other meats according to the village's custom. Kabanosy is often taken on hiking or camping trips because they require no refrigeration, like many other dried sausages. Hunter's sausage gets its name because its lack of moisture makes it resistant to spoilage and the perfect food for hunters in the field. It was originally made to use up the scraps—ears, snouts, organ meats—after slaughtering a pig and was fleshed out with spices and barley or kasza.

Today, better cuts of meat are used. The mixture is cooked and then stuffed into the sterilized large intestine of a pig. It can be served at room temperature without further cooking or either grilled or pan-fried with onions. They can be boiled, grilled, pan-fried, or served as a cold cut. They can be grilled, panfried, warmed in hot water and served on a bun or with sauerkraut and potatoes. It was typically served at weddings and other important events to sober guests up before going home.

Wedding sausage is meant to be served at room temperature as a snack or appetizer. It is simmered in hot water and then lightly smoked and is ideal for grilling, as a cold cut, with scrambled eggs, or in stews like bigos. It's great as a cold cut but also ideal for the grill. It's also great when pan-fried or heated in hot water. It's simmered in water and then lightly smoked. It's a good grilling sausage, cold cut and ideal with scrambled eggs, with sauerkraut and in stews like bigos.

It's made with diced pork and sometimes a little beef, and seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic. It's hardwood-smoked and is perfect as a cold cut on sandwiches, with scrambled eggs, even on pizza.

All three are made with seasoned lean pork. Krakowska is ideal for eating as an appetizer or on a sandwich. Its garlicky aroma permeates the room! Read More.If you are shipping to West of the Mississippi River please choose 2nd day air shipping option. If you are unsure please feel free to give Rachel Srodek a call at Packages are shipped out only on Mondays and Tuesdays to guarantee arrival prior to the weekend.

Allow at least 24 hours to process your order. Orders are custom built and need proper handling to secure integrity upon arrival. It all started in when Walter and Marianna Srodek immigrated to the small city of Hamtramck, Michigan. This is when they decided to open a family owned and operated delicatessen. It is an establishment that focuses on rich Polish and European food traditions.

The new Srodek market, will cover 5, square feet, which will include a state of the art production facility, and offer a one of a kind shopping experience. The new location will also include a European style bakery, truly a one of a kind experience. It's a Polish recipe that's easy to make, inexpensive and perfect for meatless Fridays during Lent. The new Srodek market, will cover … [Read More Rated 5. Read More. Our Locations.

Latest News. Our Stores Hamtramck Sterling Heights. Find Us On. E-Mail Address. Translate This Website English. Czech English Polish Slovak Ukrainian.Prepare yourself to drool over these 41 meals, each featuring mouthwatering photos, details, and where you can eat it.

I've also included some of my personal travel eating tips and answered some of your top questions Traditional Polish cuisine is a real calories bomb, but once you try it, you will not be able to resist the temptation.

polish meats

It is rich in various kinds of meat pork, chicken, beef and famous for its excellent bread and delicious sausages better than German! The basic ingredients used in Polish foods are beetroot, sauerkraut, cucumbers pickles and gherkinsmushrooms, sausages, kohlrabi, sour cream and different herbs and species marjoram, dill, caraway, parsley and pepper.

Dumplings are made of thinly rolled-out dough filled with a variety of fillings. The most popular fillings are meat, sauerkraut and mushrooms, seasonal fruit blueberries, strawberries and cherriesbuckwheat, sweet cottage cheese or boiled potatoes with fried onions called Russian dumplings. It is very easy and quick to prepare, commonly served with homemade noodles. The ingredients needed for the soup are water, any piece of chicken, onion, small leek, onion, green celery, parsley, cabbage, salt and pepper.

There are also other variations of fillings such as poultry, mutton or without meat. Polish pancakes are very thin and they are served either with cheese, quark previously mixed with sugar, jam, fruits and powdered sugar or with meat and vegetables- all equally tasty. It is a very simple dish consisting cabbage, pork meat, homemade pasta noodles and vegetables chopped onions and sliced carrot.

It is delicious and easy to make. Herring is a fish you can prepare in various ways. However in Poland, there are two traditional ways of serving the herring, either with sour cream and pickled onions or with oil and garlic.

It is a very traditional Polish dish and its basic ingredients are shreds sauerkraut, fresh cabbage sometimes used only sauerkrautvarious types of meat and sausages, dried mushrooms, prunes, onions and spices. Kotlet schabowy is one of the most delicious and the oldest Polish foods. The pork breaded cutlet coated with breadcrumbs served with bones or without can be perfectly served with buttered potatoes and cabbage salad. This dish is originally from Hungary, but the Polish recipe has been slightly changed.

It is a stew of meat served with potatoes and vegetables, seasoned with friend onion and peppers. If you feel like having something sweet for your snack time, you can try traditional Polish croissant cookies. They are filled with jam and made of puff pastry or yeast. Have you ever tried Polish food? If so, what was your favourite?

Share your food experience with me! Agness is a Polish vagabond who, after graduation, left her comfort zone and set off for a journey of her lifetime to China in She is passionate about photography and adventure blogging and shares her life enthusiasm and travel experience with everyone around.

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Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I live in Ukraine and some of the dishes that you have tried in Poland, we cook at home very often. Dumplings and Doves stuffed cabbage is Ukrainian cuisine too. You wrote a great review! Delicious local cuisine and the fact that the milk bars are so cheap means that one can try pretty much everything without spending a fortune.All new orders will be shipped after Easter.

Thank you for your understanding! We are dedicated to deliver the best Polish food products directly to your table. Among other Polish groceries you should try Polish candies and sweets including famous Wedel products. In our Polish food store there are also Polish breads and cakeswild mushrooms, relishes, soups and other delights of the Old Country.

When you buy from us Polish food delivery is fast and safe! Start shopping in our Polish Food Store right now and the Polish food specialties will be on their way to your taste buds in almost no time. Brooklyn, NY Call us: Log in Register. Remember me. Your shopping cart is empty! Store Categories. Featured Products. Latest Products New. Top 10 Bestsellers. Kielbasa Czosnkowa - Garlic Sausage.

Pierogi - Potato with Onion. Pierogi - Potato with Cheddar Cheese. Kielbasa Krajana - Chunky Sausage "Krayana". Kielbasa domowa — Home-Made Style Sausage. Krowki Milanowskie - Milk Fudge Candies. Kaszanka Kiszka - Kishka Ring. Contact us. Brooklyn, NY sales sweetpoland. My account. My account Checkout My orders Login Register. Buyer Guide. Offcanvas Menu.How to make sausage is a popular search query and many websites provide information about making sausages, however, they limit the discussion to making fresh sausage, which is a very simple product to make.

The goal of our website is to cover not only basic sausage making skills, but to offer instruction on making more advanced meats like fermented and dry sausages, liver sausages, head cheeses, smoked meats and fish, and making hams. In Smokehouse Plans we offer basics rules for making meat smokers and smokehouses.

Meat smokers or smokehouses come in all sizes and shapes: barrel, drum, wood and paper box smokers, smokehouses made from bricks and concrete block, the design is limited by the builder's imagination.

As long as smoke makes contact with meat, the meat will be smoked. Smoking meats is easy, what is harder is to maintain high temperature inside the smokehouse in order to cook the product. Wood logs, electric hot plate, or gas burner will provide sufficient heat as long as the smokehouse is well insulated. If cooking inside becomes the problem, smoked meat can be removed from the smoker and the cooking may be accomplished in oven or pot with water. This group covers every other sausage type regardless how it was made smoked or not, cured or not or what meats and ingredients were used.

This group is further subdivided into:. In moderate climate with steady prevailing winds Spain, Italy they were just heavily spiced and processed by long, continuous air-drying. Today they are commercially produced in humidity and temperature controlled rooms. Dry sausages don't have to be refrigerated and when stored in cool conditions they almost have an indefinite shelf life. Fresh sausages are made from ground meat mixed with spices and stuffed into casings with the intention that the consumer will cook them prior to eating.

It doesn't matter whether they will be baked, grilled, barbecued or boiled in hot water. The exception to the rule are the dry sausages described above. In both cases it is the same meat with the same ingredients and final flavor that is prepared in two different forms. American famous Breakfast Sausage is served at McDonalds Sausage McMuffin for breakfast and it looks like a hamburger though called a sausage.

The same recipe when stuffed into tiny links becomes Breakfast Sausage and is served in hospitals for breakfast all over the USA.

There is a negligible amount of information on Spanish sausages in English, and even the Spanish books offer only a few recipes with general information, very skimpy instructions and hardly any explanations. Of special interest is a collection of recipes which were chosen for their originality and historical value. The book is a highly recommended addition to personal and professional culinary additions. Meats and Sausages.

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polish meats

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